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The Woylie was once abundant throughout Perth, but are now confined to a few fenced reserves including Karakamia Wildlife Sanctuary due to foxes, cats, and habitat destruction.

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Noongar Name: Woylie

Scientific Name: Bettongia penicillata

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered

Threats: Habitat loss and predation by cats and foxes

Will they visit?: Woylies will not visit home gardens

Natural Distribution: Isolated populations persisted in south-west Western Australia.

Habitat at a Glance

See Habitat Guide for more detail

Shelter: Dense shrubbery

Diet: Fungi, tubers, bulbs, seeds

Water: Not required

ReWild Benefit: Ecosystem engineer, improve soil health, disperse seeds

ReWild Benefits

The Woylie are considered critical to the health of our forests and woodlands. They are ‘ecosystem engineer’ as their digging and foraging activities aerate soil, suppress fire risk, and improve recruitment for native plants. There are conservation efforts in place to help protect the Woylie from extinction. You can see Woylies at Karakamia Wildife Sanctuary and Whiteman Park.

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