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Why ReWild Perth?

You may have heard that Perth is an internationally recognised biodiversity hotspot, which sounds great. But what does it actually mean?

What is a Biodiversity Hotspot?

Biodiversity is the variety of all living things and the ecosystems they collectively form. It includes all the different plants, fungi and animals, their genetics, and how they interact in their environment. If you’ve ever heard of the ‘web of life’, that’s what we’re talking about.

The term biodiversity hotspot means TWO things. There’s good news and bad news.

The good news: The region must be home to more than 1,500 native species that are either unique, or exist in unique combinations that make the habitat irreplaceable.

The bad news: 70% of this habitat is already gone, and the remaining 30% is under threat.

Perth is one of 36 such ‘biodiversity hotspots’ in the world.

A Legacy of Loss?

One of the basic facts about modern life is wherever people settle, we displace the pre-existing environment.

When development occurs, there is the immediate and obvious loss of habitat and wildlife as we clear the land for buildings, roads and other infrastructure.

However, there is a second wave of loss that occurs afterward, as wildlife can’t move across urban landscapes freely for foraging, breeding, nesting and pollinating. This loss of freedom of movement is called ‘fragmentation’, which threatens the survival of the remaining wildlife.

Many of our remaining species have been brought to the edge of extinction. This legacy of loss requires us to help preserve the biodiversity we have remaining, because much of our unique biodiversity cannot be replaced or replicated.

A Better Future?

Fortunately, we can prevent our biodiversity loss from getting worse. As more people ReWild their homes, our combined efforts can create wildlife corridors across the city, supporting the return of native birds, mammals, frogs, and reptiles to Perth.

ReWild Perth gives you the tools to create habitat in your gardens and balconies, giving our remaining wildlife an opportunity to share our spaces, or simply make it easier for them to move across suburban areas between the remaining natural spaces.

Anyone can help improve biodiversity around their home, school, or business. Bringing nature home is easier with help from ReWild Perth.

It can be as simple as adding a water source or choosing a few native plants that provide food and shelter for our native animals (as well as bright flowers and stunning shapes and shades), or you can create artificial homes for birds, mammals, frogs and insects, and wait to see who comes visiting!

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