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Once you meet a Quenda, they are hard to forget. These charming marsupials are a species of bandicoot found only in the South West of WA!

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Noongar Names: Quenda

Scientific Name: Isoodon fusciventer

Conservation Status: Threatened

Threats: Habitat loss and predation by cats and foxes

Will they visit?: Quenda will visit home gardens located near parks, reserves, and bushland

Natural Distribution: Common and widespread across the South West and Perth region

Habitat at a Glance

See Habitat Guide for more detail

Shelter: Hollows in large trees and constructed nest boxes

Diet: Fungi, bulbs, tubers, fruit, invertebrates, and occasionally small animals

Water: Large ponds and water containers on the ground

ReWild Benefit: Ecosystem engineer, maintain and promote ecological health

ReWild Benefits

Quendas are known as ecosystem engineers and are critical to the health of our forests and bushlands as they disperse seeds and beneficial fungi, maintain soil health, and decrease fire risk across our city. If you see a Quenda, you can record your sighting on Atlas of Living Australia!


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