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Parrotbush is an easy-to-grow, large shrub with interesting grey-green, prickly leaves and attractive yellow flowers.

Large Shrub Bushland Excellent Screening Plant Prickly Characters Suitable for Pots

Noongar Name: Pulgart

Scientific Name: Banksia sessilis

Performance: Easy to grow

Size: Large shrub with a maximum height 5m

Flower: Yellow

Flowering Time: Djeran – Kambarang (May – Nov)

Natural Distribution: Grows locally in the Perth region

Growing at a Glance

See Growing Guide for more detail

Position: Adaptable to sunny and light-shade positions

Watering: A waterwise, drought-hardy plant.

Feeding: Fertiliser not required.

Pruning: Generally not needed.

Invited Guests

This provides habitat for Invertebrates, Birds, Reptiles, and Mammals


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