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The Moytj were once very common throughout Perth's waterways. Habitat degradation, predation by cats, attacks by dogs, and illegal marron traps threaten their continued survival.

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Noongar Names: Moytj

Scientific Name: Hydromys chrysogaster

Conservation Status: Threatened

Threats: Habitat loss, dog attacks, cat predation, illegal marron traps

Will they visit?: Rakali are rarely known to visit home gardens located near wetlands, rivers, and waterways.

Natural Distribution: Widespread and uncommon throughout the waterways of the South West and Perth region.

Habitat at a Glance

See Habitat Guide for more detail

Shelter: Burrows, hollow logs, dense vegetation near waterways

Diet: Frogs, fish, small birds, and aquatic invertebrates

Water: Large native ponds

ReWild Benefit: A resident Rakali in the area is a sign the ecosystem is working well

ReWild Benefits

Seeing a Rakali in the local area means the aquatic ecosystem is healthy and functioning well. Habitat destruction, predation by cats, dog attacks, and illegal marron traps threaten their continued survival. They were once heavily hunted for their pelts till the 1940s when they became a protected species. If you see a Rakali, you can record your sighting on Atlas of Living Australia!


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