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Quokkas live on Rottnest Island and throughout the South West mainland and areas of the Perth region.

Ground Marsupials Bushland Species Conservation Wetland

Noongar Names: Quokka

Scientific Name: Setonix brachyurus

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Threats: Habitat loss and predation by cats and foxes

Will they visit?: They will visit home gardens located near large reserves where they still occur

Natural Distribution: Isolated populations across the South West and Perth region

Habitat at a Glance

See Habitat Guide for more detail

Shelter: Dense thickets of shrubs and rushes

Diet: Foliage, roots, fungi, seeds, flowers, and occasionally invertebrates

Water: Will drink from water containers and large ponds

ReWild Benefit: Maintaining vegetation growth

ReWild Benefits

A Quokka selfie is all the rage and it is easy to see why! So, here are some tips to get the ultimate Instagram photo, without worrying a cooperating Quokka. Firstly, use a selfie stick to respect the animals space. Secondly, be patient and don’t force them, they are friendly and some will come up willingly. Thirdly, do not offer food or water to entice them for a photo. Lastly, make sure to use your photo to increase awareness of their conservation needs! Despite often labelled the ‘worlds happiest animal’, the Quokka faces conservation threats including the loss and degradation of its habitat and predation by foxes and feral cats on the mainland.




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