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Plant a Medium Tree

Action: Plant a Medium Tree in your garden.

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Medium Habitat Trees

Growing between 5 and 15 metres tall, these trees provide food and shelter to all sorts of birds, insects and animals.

With a huge variety in colouring, food resources and branch structures, you can really mix and match.

Make a ReWild Statement

Many of our most iconic trees are in the Medium Habitat category.

These include many Banksia varieties, Sheoaks and the Rottnest Island Pines.

These trees have coevolved with our native wildlife and help define and support our ecosystem.


Our definition of a medium habitat tree is one that can grow between 5 and 15 metres.

Habitat Value: Level 4

Shelter and Food

For most gardens, Medium and Small Habitat Trees are a high scoring ReWild activity.

The ReWild scoring system only measures your impact with the resources available to your site; people with tiny gardens or balconies can still earn a high ReWild score without planting trees.

The Level 4 habitat value reflects the high food and shelter value to wildlife, including mammals, birds, insects and pollinators.

Medium trees can take more than a decade to reach maturity, but will start providing significant habitat value within three or four years.

It is important that you include any existing trees (particularly natives) in your initial ReWild site survey.

Planting Guides

Planting a medium tree requires planning and years of foresight. Before planting any tree, always check with Water Corporation and Dial Before You Dig before deciding what (and where) to plant.

The huge variety in medium habitat trees can help you create a vibrant ReWild presence in your garden.

You can get established seedlings or saplings from nurseries to help you make an impact quickly.

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