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Western Swamp Tortoise

The Yarkiny is rarest reptile in Australia and is only found near Perth! They were presumed extinct in the 1800's until its rediscovery in 1953.

Turtles Species Conservation Wetland

Noongar Names: Yarkiny

Scientific Name: Pseudemydura umbrina

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered

Threats: Predation by cats and foxes

Will they visit?: Western Swamp Tortoise have a specialised habitat. They are known to wander into dams located near their habitat.

Natural Distribution: Isolated populations throughout the Perth region

Habitat at a Glance

See Habitat Guide for more detail

Shelter: Under ground in burrows, thick leaf litter, and under logs

Diet: Aquatic invertebrates, tadpoles

Water: Not required

ReWild Benefit: Pest control

ReWild Benefits

The Western Swamp Tortoise is rarest reptile in Australia and is only found near Perth! Perth Zoo manages a captive breeding program to conserve the species. Young tortoises often leave their protected reserves and find themselves in farm dams, traversing roads, or attacked by feral animals. If you think you have spotted a Western Swamp Tortoise, you should notify the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.


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