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Plant a Medium Shrub

Action: Plant a Medium Shrub in my garden.

Medium Shrub Gardening Guides Action

Medium Shrubs

Medium shrubs can grow up to 2.5 metres.

While trees have a visible trunk, shrubs provide foliage from the ground up.

This means shrubs can provide great privacy screens for people, and shelter for wildlife.

The lower height profile and denser structure make them useful to reduce light pollution, and provide shelter from wind and rain.

The Colour and the Shape

There are many species of shrubs, with a wide range of shapes, colours and flowering options.

Shrubs are generally smaller than trees, so they are good for small gardens or adding depth to your overall garden design.

They often grow faster than trees, creating a mature landscape more quickly.


Our definition of a medium habitat shrub is one that can grow up to 2.5 metres.

Habitat Value: Level 4

Shelter and Food

For most gardens, Large and Medium shrubs are a high scoring ReWild activity.

The ReWild scoring system only measures your impact with the resources available to your site; people with tiny gardens or balconies can still earn a high ReWild score without planting trees or shrubs.

The Level 4 habitat value reflects the high food and shelter value to wildlife, including mammals, birds, insects and pollinators.

Most shrubs are particularly useful in offering shelter from weather and predators, due to spreading branches and foliage from the ground up.

It is important that you include any existing shrubs (particularly natives) in your initial ReWild site survey.

Planting Guides

Despite being smaller than trees, the root system of medium shrubs can still be a danger to human infrastructure. Always check with Water Corporation and Dial Before You Dig before deciding what and where to plant.

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