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Plant a Large Tree

Action: Plant a Large Tree in your garden.

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Large Habitat Trees

Large trees have the potential to grow taller than 15m. If you have room in your garden, they are a great ReWild asset, offering food and shelter for birds, insects and animals.

Large trees are the backbone of our urban forests, providing shade and cooling the urban environment.

A Lifetime Investment

Large trees can take longer than 30 years to mature, so we only recommend planting them if you own your property.

Please preserve any existing large trees on your property if you can.

You can get better ReWild value from mature large trees by installing additional habitats purpose built for birds, pollinators, bats or fauna.


Our definition of a large habitat tree is one that can grow taller than 15 metres.

Habitat Value: Level 5

Shelter and Food

For people with bigger gardens, Large Habitat Trees are one of the highest scoring ReWild activities.

The ReWild scoring system only measures your impact with the resources available to your site; people with smaller gardens can still earn a high ReWild score without planting Large Habitat Trees.

The Level 5 habitat value reflects the high food and shelter value to wildlife, including other plants that benefit from growing under the canopy.

Because these trees take decades to grow to maturity, it is important that you include any existing trees on your site in your initial site survey.

Planting Guides

Planting a large tree requires planning and decades of foresight. Before planting a large tree, always check with utility providers to avoid the risk of future root damage.

If your property doesn’t have power lines, your local council may approve (or even provide) a large tree for your verge.

Always check with Water Corporation and Dial Before You Dig before what and where to plant.

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