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The Numbat is synonymous with conservation efforts within WA and were once found throughout the Perth region.

Ground Marsupials Bushland Locally Extinct Species Conservation

Noongar Names: Numbat

Scientific Name: Myrmecobius fasciatus

Conservation Status: Endangered

Threats: Habitat loss and predation by cats and foxes

Will they visit?: Numbats are locally extinct within the Perth region and will not visit home gardens

Natural Distribution: Isolated populations throughout the South West

Habitat at a Glance

See Habitat Guide for more detail

Shelter: Fallen tree hollows

Diet: Termites

Water: Not required, obtains all its water from its diet

ReWild Benefit: Control pests

ReWild Benefits

They were once common throughout the South West and Perth region. Sadly, these curious marsupials are now locally extinct within the Perth region. They were last recorded at Thompson Lake in Perth’s South in 1984! Numbats eat over 20,000 termites a day, keeping populations in check. If you see a Numbat in the wild, record you finding via the Atlas of Living Australia.

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