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Keep my cat indoors from now on

Few pets are as divisive as cats when it comes to the environment. But for all you cat-lovers out there, deciding to keep your cat indoors is an important ReWild behaviour change action.

Pet ownership Action Behaviour Change
Indoor Cat

Liv is an indoor cat. IMG: C. Traicos

ReWild Value: Level 5

Behaviour Change

Keeping your cat indoors is the best way to keep both your cat, and local wildlife, happy and healthy. Cats kill tens of millions of native animals each year in Australia. Birds are not the only victims. Quenda, possums, frogs, small wallabies, insects and reptiles are all at risk.

The Level 5 ReWild value reflects the importance of keeping introduced predators away from wildlife. While feral cats need to kill to survive, the natural instincts of our domestic animals, including hunting for sport or play, should not be underestimated.

Unlike other ReWild activities, Keep my cat indoors from now on is a behaviour-change action, which can significantly increase your ReWild score [see below].

Behaviour Change

Behaviour change goals allow us to protect the environment without necessarily adding habitat to our site. Because they require a longer term commitment, we have determined that any one of the following actions will automatically earn one full ReWild star to your rating. However, you can only achieve the behaviour change star once – you can’t add them together – although this shouldn’t stop you from doing more if you can.

The behaviour change actions are as follows:

Help my local environment group.

Keep my cat indoors from now on.

Keep my outdoor cat away from wildlife.

Keep my dog away from wildlife.

Cat Welfare

To many, cats can be beloved and wonderful pets. But when roaming outdoors, their playful and instinctual demeanour can have dire consequences. Keeping cats indoors increases your opportunity of seeing wildlife in your garden while improving the welfare of your cat.

Many breeds of cat can have long, happy lives indoors, and a range of toys and climbing structures will satisfy most of their natural impulses.

Indoor cats are also less likely to be injured (cars, dogs, snakes, goannas, owls, and especially other cats) or fall ill (through abscesses, FIV disease or sun-related skin cancers).

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