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Help my local environment group

Joining a local environment group and ReWilding our public spaces is an incredibly rewarding activity - and it automatically earns you one full ReWild star rating.

Community Action Action Behaviour Change Community Volunteers
Volunteers working at Cottesloe Beach

Volunteers working at Cottesloe Beach

ReWild Scoring: Level 5

Unlike other ReWild activities, Help my local environment group ReWild the community is a behaviour-change action, which can significantly increase your ReWild score [see below].

This action is particularly important if your ReWild site is restrictively small or there are barriers to working in it.

The Level 5 ReWild value reflects the power of working with your community to create significant habitat improvement for all our wildlife.

Throughout metropolitan Perth, there are a large number of community groups – often working with or supported by local government – trying to take care of specific patches of habitat or public spaces.

Volunteers do an incredible amount of work, worth millions of dollars each year, protecting and preserving urban environmental spaces.

No matter where you are in Perth, there is probably a nearby community group that would love your assistance throughout the year.

The Urban Bushland Council WA Inc has an excellent map of local groups, which you can find here.

Urban Bushland Council WA Inc Groups Map

Screenshot of Urban Bushland Council WA Inc’s map of groups.

Behaviour Change

Behaviour change goals allow us to protect the environment without necessarily adding habitat to our site. Because they require a longer term commitment, we have determined that any one of the following actions will automatically earn one full ReWild star to your rating. However, you can only achieve the behaviour change star once – you can’t add them together – although this shouldn’t stop you from doing more if you can.

The behaviour change actions are as follows:

Help my local environment group.

Keep my cat indoors from now on.

Keep my outdoor cat away from wildlife.

Keep my dog away from wildlife.


Physical Exercise

Getting out with a local group is good exercise. ReWild Perth activities in local parks and coastlines include planting native trees, citizen science, restoring waterways, and building wildlife habitat. This is both great exercise and purposeful for our local biodiversity and wider community.

NB: If you are unable to engage in physical activity, ask your local group if there’s something else you can do to help. Some groups may need help with fundraising or administration – Just ask!


There are countless studies that show that connections to nature and community can improve our overall sense of wellbeing, and local environmental groups offer the opportunity to get both at once. Joining active groups is a great way to get to know your area and the people around you, especially if you’re a recent arrival. There is a great deal of wildlife that is unique to our region, and a local will be able to help you see it all.


Most groups represent a huge resource of knowledge on native plants and animals and will be able to give you great tips on what you can do at home – everything from how and when to plant tube stock, what birds you may be able to attract to your garden, weed management and more. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn by doing, and then applying it at your own ReWild site.

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