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Dieback is an extremely invasive fungi that affects the roots of many Australian plant species.

Medium Shrub

Common Name: Dieback

Noongar Name: Unknown

Scientific Name: Phytophthora cinnamomi

Size: Fungi

A Disasterous Disease

Dieback is a soil-bourne water mould that infects many native Australian plant species. It causes the plants to develop “root-rot”. Dieback attacks the roots of plants and stops them from taking up water and nutrients.

Dieback is one of the most serious and prominent issues affecting Australian plant species. The pathogen is invasive and affects around 40% of the native plant species of southwest Western Australia.

Unfortunately, once plants are infected, they cannot be cured. However, they can be treated with fungicides. This is why it is very important to prevent the spread of the disease.

Dieback can be spread through root-to-root contact, water, and by human contact with the disease. Muddy shoes and car tyres can infect new areas.

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